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Climate Change

Key Words :    -  Temperatures

                           -  Continents & Oceans

                           -  Ecosystems

                           -  Human activities

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Energy Transition

Key Words :    -  Renewable Energies

                           -  Smart & Eco-building

                           -  Energetic Efficiency

                           -  Energy Storage

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CO2 Emission

Key Words :    -  Balance of CO2

                           -  Emissions & Absorptions

                           - CO2 Technologies

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Photovoltaic panel composed by silicium (Si) and electronic components used to excite electrons of materials by sun ray to generate electricity.

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Wind turbine that rotates with wind velocity which is linked to an alternator and generate electricity.

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Hydraulic turbine that rotates with water floaw which is linked to an alternator and generate electricity.

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Absorbs natural heat of the Earth to distribute it for building, infrastructures and industries.
Some exceptions exist when temperature are very high, it use to heat water and produce steam.
Gaz rotates an alternator and generates electricty.

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Three processus existe according to physical states of constituents and these processus concentrate gases from photosynthesis of plants or organic materials.

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Fission of Uranium rodes.

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Why Nuclear appears in "Renewable Energies" section ?

This energy uses fossil materials to electricity generation means by its atoms cracking.

The energy density of enriched Uranium (U) is very high compare to all electricity productions means with or without other fossil materials (coal, fuel, oil, gases, etc).

Even if it isn't a renewable energy, nuclear will be the key to an efficient energetic transition and sucessful.

- Sustainable Energy
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How to be innovative ?

This is a real pilar to answer for energy transition.

Technologicals advances are trying to reduce carbon emission but we need to reach net negative emission of carbon.

Currently technologies can't so we have to find something that can.

Try yourself to be more innovative than nowadays and apply our advices.


All informations that you need to know about energy transition are centralized on this website.

You can find differents articles about :

  • CO2 Emission
  • Renewable Energies
  • Climate Change

Contents are included on this website to help you to understand this situation.

Some services are avalaible to adapt a concret solution for your corporation.

Choose to provoke changes !

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